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GoughNuts Original is our chew toy.  Most dog owners that have a power chewer want the strongest available.  The GoughNuts Black incorporates the original GoughNuts green but then adds carbon technology to enhance performance.  GoughNuts Black is reccomended for extreme chewers.  The GoughNuts Black is guaranteed as is all of our GoughNuts line of chew toys. 

It all started in my kitchen with an idea of "Green means Go and Red means Stop."  The GoughNut Original green is tough, bounces, rolls, floats, and whatever else you can think of.  

Thank you for all your support of our original GoughNut.  There are few/no weak points on this original shape and thus the one of the reasons for it's toughness.

Our New Yellow is very vibrant and is the same recipe as our original green which means the durability on the yellow will be the same as our green.  Part of our company is fun and this color sure is fun!

If you have a very large breed or you have "that" dog, currently that dog is named Toyo, you need the MAXX the largest version of the original design.  The MaXX is 6.25 inches in diameter where the original is 5 inches.  The cross section of the MaXX is 2.1 inches versus the 1.75 inches on the original.  

Maybe your dog needs a GoughNut!  

Below is a test comparison between our GoughNut Black and our Original GoughNut Green.  Please understand that regardless of how strong any chew toy is made, certain dogs will chew through it.  Therefore, our two layered patent pending safety design is incorpoporated in our GoughNuts Black.  The two layered patent pending design gives a clear indication when the Goughnut Black turns color from Black to Red it is time to take the GoughNut Black away from your dog.  Every GoughNut toy is guaranteed and when any red is seen, this indicates that the diameters of the toy are damaged.  Please read the entire patent online to understand the details of our two layered patent pending design.

Please note that the The Original GoughNut has a cross section of 1.75".  Physical properties shown below are measured in PSI or pounds per square inch. 

The test results shown follow ASTM methods D412, D2240, & D624 (seen in sections 9.01 & 9.02)

GoughNuts Green                                            GoughNuts Black           GoughNuts Black 50

Tensile                    3500 PSI                            3800 PSI                      4300 PSI

Tear Die C              140 PSI                              180 PSI                       230 PSI

Hardness                 43                                      44                               50

The GoughNuts Black properties are higher.  The hardness will hold your dogs jaw open more than the Green taking leverages away that lessen the dog's power.  The higher tear strength and tensile strength testing show the GoughNut Black increase in physical properties.

Our goal is safety.  The additional of carbon technology incorporated with the GoughNuts base recipe allows for the additional strength of the GoughNut Black.  Please adhere to the two layered patent pending technology.  Please take your GoughNut away if your dog can chew through the Black or Green layer to expose the Red.


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