The GoughNuts Stick
 Green means, Go! andRed means Stop
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Guarantee GoughNut .75 GoughNuts Sticks Wellness Program
The Stick & our new MaXX Stick & our .75 Medium Stick

Every GoughNuts Stick includes our patent pending two layered, "Chew Toy Safety Indicator."

Our GoughNuts Sticks have become our #1 selling interactive chew toy.  This has occurred as dog owners have realized how functional the Stick is.  The stick is being used by police K9 units and by you and your dog playing fetch in the pool.  The Stick truly has become a hit. Our GoughNuts Sticks are guaranteed for life.  Our two layered technology, and our guarantee, are our investment in your dog's safety.  Please remove any GoughNuts chew toy from your dog if the red indication is seen.  Please follow the instruction in the "Guarantee" section seen by selecting the button above.

The GoughNuts Sticks 
float!  The Stick comes in green, where "green means Go and red means Stop" and Black, where we use specific carbon technology that produces the strongest material we know how to make.

The dimensions of the GoughNuts Stick are 9.25 inches long with a 1.75" cross section.  We have proved that the 1.75 inch cross section in combination with our durable rubber holds up to 99% of the power chewers out there.  However, realize that
the GoughNuts Stick is more vulnerable to damage versus the original GoughNut donut shape.  Please consider our original donut shaped GoughNut design and the original GoughNuts Maxx if your dog is an extreme power chewer.    

Your dog will love the GoughNuts Stick.  He can fetch on land or water. Like all GoughNuts, the stick floats.

One of the reasons we made the Stick our next  design, was to add another dimension to our product line .  Our Original GoughNut has many accolades but one issue that we have heard is that a dog that cannot destroy a toy might ignore it.  For those dogs,
the GoughNuts Stick in combination with the original GoughNut, produces the GoughNuts puzzle.  The puzzle is made by using a lubricant  (olive oil, dog saliva, dish soap) to press fit the Stick into the original GoughNut.  Any color combination of stick and original GoughNut  create the puzzle. The GoughNuts puzzle is seen in picture three on the left.  The GoughNuts puzzle offers different angles for your dog to chew on.  The dog will enjoy the different ways the puzzle rolls and bounces.  If your dog has the power to pull, the puzzle can be solved and the dog will sense that it has destroyed or figured out the GoughNuts puzzle.  Of course the puzzle can be put back together as many times as your dog has energy for.  Yes, and the GoughNuts puzzle also floats.

The GoughNuts Stick was inspired by our friend, Officer Glen Graves of the Modesto PD.  Officer Graves handles Modesto K9 Kai, shown in picture two on the left.  The Stick is in the perfect shape for K9 handlers use when rewarding their K9.  Officer Graves stated that he goes through about $15 worth of product per week.  We certainly appreciate having Officer Graves and Kai on our GoughNuts team.  The GoughNuts Stick is the last chew toy Kai will need, as all GoughNuts are guaranteed for life. 
The two layered patent pending visual indicator and our lifetime guarantee is our investment in Kai's safety. 

We are very excited about our GoughNuts Stick.  Both the Green and Black are now in full production.  Please use the "Buy Now" button on the tabs above to purchase the GoughNuts Stick.

As seen to the left, the MaXX Stick is huge.  If you need a tug toy or just have a huge dog, maybe the MaXX Stick is your choice.  The .75 Medium Black Stick is for 10#'s to about 25#'s.  Please go to larger products if you experience damage and remember that our rings are always stronger than our sticks.  Sticks are for interactive to moderate power chewing 

The lower left picture shows Bella that simply loves our Red Stick.  Bella is not a power chewer and the Red Stick is perfect for her.  The Red Stick does not have a safety indicator in it.  The Red Stick Floats, Bounces like mad and in general helps to fill out our INTERACTION type products.
Thank you for your support and GoughNuts!

Amy Rockwood
GoughNuts LLC

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