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A Safe Chew Toy for your Dog!


Green means Go!  Red means Stop!

The GoughNuts company is very interested in hearing from dog  training professionals, Veterinarians, and consumers.  Please Email Amy at DogsGoughNuts@aol.com for your comments on toy performance and characteristics.  The primary goal of the GoughNuts company is to provide a safe product.  Everything else is very distant as we know that safety for our pets is critical.  With the GoughNuts patent pending safety indicator we now have a mechanism to know when a toy has been compromised.  Therefore, when you start with a great chew toy, and you add the GoughNuts visual indicator, you now have a great, safe toy.
Joel Monroe of Big Valley Dog Training.  Please visit Joel's web site at www.bvdt.net.  The GoughNuts company is very fortunate to have had Joel comment on our first product.  Thanks again Joel.

Testimonial - Joel Monroe of Big Valley Dog Training - "I have a 93 pound German Shepard from working lines that competed in high levels of Schutzhund (similar to police work).  He has an extremely hard bite, and after playing tug with the Goughnut for 15 minutes, there was not a single mark on the toy.  Incredible!!!"
Katie Kerr is earning her Masters degree in Guide Dog Mobility at SFSU.  Thanks Katie and good luck with your Masters.

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Testimonial - Katie Kerr states, "I gave the GoughNuts to the dogs that I personally train.  Even the strongest chewer of the bunch, a male yellow lab, couldn't dent it.  Since he enjoyed it so much it became a reinforcing training tool!" 
World renowned trainer, Pat Cook.  Pat Cook is the definition of professional.  We are lucky, fortunate and very grateful to have Pat Cook on our side.  Thank you Pat.

Testimonial - Pat Cook states, "Guide Dogs for the Blind places approximately 800 puppies per year into private homes to be raised by volunteers.  These growing puppies obviously have a need to chew and some can be quite destructive of even the strongest dog toys!   When I heard the claims for the Goughnuts toy I decided to test its suitability for our program.

Initially, I tried the toy with my own personal dogs which include rescued pit bull terriers.  The dogs loved it; after three weeks of terrier tugging and munching it still looked brand new, so I expanded the test to known ‘hard chewers’ in our puppy raising program.  

I received glowing reports on the toy’s durability and appeal; not one Goughnuts toy was damaged even though several of the test dogs destroyed other ‘extreme’ rubber dog toys in minutes. 

We are very pleased to add the Goughnuts toy to our list of approved toys and wholeheartedly recommend it as a safe chew toy for puppies and dogs of all ages!

Pat Cook
Canine Resources Manager
Guide Dogs for the Blind"

Police K9 Unit Officer Glenn Graves of the Modesto Police Department was introdruced to the GoughNut.

Testimonial - Officer Glenn Graves states, "What a great dog chew toy!  My Police dog can chew other, reputable, premium chew toys in half in less than an hour.  He has been chewing on your "GoughNut" for several weeks now and he has not been been able to rip or damage it!  On top of this, it floats too so when he drops it in our pool he can retrieve it.  Thanks for such a great product!!"

G. Graves

K9 Unit
Modesto P.D.
Dear Amy - I have a 6 year old Golden Retriever named Harley who is completely in love with his 'GoughNut'.

This dog can destroy any toy - chew through any bone - generally in under 5 minutes (at least he only destroys what's his!.) Tennis balls last 30 seconds. A friend gave him an 'all day' marrow bone - he couldn't believe it was gone in under 3 minutes.I bought the GoughNut in August and it has NO signs of wearing down.

We play with it EVERYWHERE. If I throw it right I can get it to roll and bounce a couple blocks. It's great in a lake and it's really cool in a pool because it doesn't float right away and Harley has to search for it. I've attached some pictures from today's pool party!
One suggestion? I'd love to see an orange or red one - the green and black are hard for him to find in a lake or ocean.

Thanks so much !! We will be buying more of these for every dog we know !!


Tom Banton
Fort Lauderdale, FL and Derry, NH
Goughnuts have become a MUST HAVE at Woody's...my customer's love them...I've sold dozens of Goughnuts and have only had one returned..and that was after three months with an intensive chewer! These have been a great seller and a product I feel comfortable promoting. The red center showing where a toy may be compromised is such a fantastic idea...too bad all toys don't have this feature. I recommend Goughnuts to anyone looking for a tough, safe and unique product to carry.

Ann Cipriani
Woody's Self-Serve Dog Wash & Boutique
5843 Brownsville Road, Unit 1
South Park, PA 15236
The Black Goughnuts

Several weeks ago I purchased this product hoping that I was getting something that would last longer than the "other" toys we had been using for our serious chewing 110lb Pit Bull Bear. Over the last four years I can’t tell you the amount of money we have spent only to have the toy gone in sometimes minutes. This toy has lasted longer than anything we have tried. He still hasn’t gotten past the black and it looks like this might last for some time, he also likes the shape for tugging and catching. I am very impressed with this toy and although I took a chance spending the money it turned out to be money well spent.

Terri Taylor Bear’s mom.
We have had the goughnut in our house for quite a while now.  Our German ShortHaired Pointers have not destroyed it yet, these dogs can destroy anything even real bones only last 3 weeks in our house.  I wasn wondering if you had any plans to make this in a different design.  He likes to play tug of war and it is difficult to play this with him.  I will be order another one soon so we can have 2 in the house for both dogs.

Thanks for a great product.

Paige Ross
I live with a female Pit Bull who can destroy every toy. I own a Pet Store (Pets in the City, St Louis) and have wasted 100's of dollars trying to find a toy that Lulu cannot kill. I found that toy with Goughnuts! This donut-shaped green rubber toy is the ONE!

Amy Pizano - Owner
Pets In The City 
St. Louis, MO
Valerie Mills Writes:
We were losing hope that we would ever find a dog chew toy that our strong-jawed little Bichon Cockapoo mix Alvin could not rip apart. Then we saw an article in our local newspaper for a product called GoughNuts. We ordered two - one for each of our Cockapoos.

Alvin chews and chews, but cannot make a dent in the GoughNuts. The two Cockapoos also play tug-of-war with the small green GoughNuts. GoughNuts rules as an Alvin-proof dog toy!