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GoughNuts Original Tug -  We have two sizes of our Tug.  A GoughNuts Tug MaXX and the GoughNuts Tug Original.  Our Tug Original is for a large dog.  The MaXX is designed for dog owners that would like a little bit more spacing between you and your dog.  Both sizes are for interaction versus power chewing (use our rings for this).  We think our Tug is the best made and our Tug MaXX has proven to us that people need and want a great Tug.  

The GoughNuts K9 Kup - This engineered product is launched!  This product was developed to hold food/treats and then be easily cleaned.  The product is similar to the Canolli tube shape but has one side closed off.  This creates a length of tube where your dog will try to reach the bottom but will have a difficult time doing so. Please do not use this product for unsupervised power chewing as the Rings remain for this function.  The product weighs 15 ounces, holds approximately 8 oz, and should be used for medium and large breed dogs (approximately 20lb to 90lb).  This product can be combined with our sticks for an ultimate challenge.  The product floats, remains flexible in a freezer, bounces and is very tough using the same GoughNuts natural rubber.  This product does not have a safety indicator as it is not designed as a pure chew toy but instead is classified in our interactive grouping.  This product is designed for easy cleaning for Dog Day Care and for home use!  This premise of easy cleaning is consistent with the GoughNuts company commitment towards creating the safest possible pet products.  Now available in BLACK & Blue!

The GoughNuts Ball is not a chew toy but instead is an interactive toy!  Yes the Ball is tough as they are made from our GoughNuts rubber.  The Black is stronger and more durable than our other colors.  The GoughNuts Ball is guaranteed as is all of our GoughNuts line of chew toys.  Please refer to our Guarantee section. 

The Ball is designed with a multi-axis groove system that may help your dog breathe in an emergency situation of throat Blockage.  Spherical objects or balls can be a safety hazard for the reason of throat blockage.  Please check out our GoughNut Grooves in the picture and at your local GoughNuts team retailer.

The GoughNuts Ball bounces well, floats, and we hope is a toy your dog will enjoy playing with.  This first all interactive toy was not designed as a chew toy.  If your dog is left to chew it will attack the grooves and if you have a power chewer it will destroy GoughNuts Ball.  

The GoughNuts Ball is part of our Wellness Program as it should be used for exercise and fun versus pure power chewing. 

Have fun with our Goughnuts Ball!  Arguably the highest bounce in the world!

The Goughnuts Kanolli (we should have named it "Fetch It" as it is an awesome fetch toy) is a product that we are very happy about.  Now that we have the jerky to wedge inside the K9 Kanolli is very functional for a work to eat challenge.  Fo a harder challenge please go with our K9 Kup.  Both the K9 Kanolli and the K9 Kup are great for fetch on land or in the water.  They are very easy to clean when being used for work to eat use.  Yes the black is durable but please always rely on our rings for power chewing.  This K9 Kanolli bounces like mad as it is made from 100% natural rubber.  The Kanolli can also be used as a puzzle with our stick that fits in the end.

Always monitor dog chew toys and take the toy away when damaged.

The GoughNuts FlyNut is an interactive functional toy for play.  The intent is to make the safest/Best interactive flying disc in the world.  The rubber is our toughest recipe but THIS IS NOT A CHEW TOY.  Do not let your dog chew on this product.  email us if you have any questions, send pictures and have fun!  DOES NOT FLOAT

GoughNuts Water Sticks!

Finally!!  The GoughNuts water Stick was developed for dogs that needed the best in a water retrieving stick.  We engineered the product to be hollow versus having the red safety indicator.  This product will function in any water environment including pool, pond, and yes ocean (good luck with the waves).  

THIS PRODUCT IS FOR INTERACTIVE WATER PLAY ONLY!  This is not a chew toy.  Yes this product is GoughNut tough, but please use it as intended.  We know you have "that" dog.  Like all GoughNuts this Water Stick is guaranteed for life for the safety of your dog.  Our goal is safety right?!!  And right behind safety is FUN!!!

Wellness for dogs involves jaw exercise and interactive fun.  In addition to our power chewing Rings, our Sticks, TuG, Kup, Balls and Canolli are all products for healthy interactive play.  Our interactive products should not be utilized for power chewing.  Our Ring has no week pints and thus is a great design for power chewing.

All GoughNuts products are guaranteed for life.  This Guarantee is part of our investment into the safety of your dog.  If any of our Goughnuts products are damaged as defined by rubber removed that is 3/8 inch deep by 1/2 in in length, please discontinue use and follow the instruction for return in our guarantee section.  Safety is the key.

We have marked the WATER STICK, the Ball, the TuG and the K9 Kup and Kanolli with Dots (typically red) on the outside of the part to show you that this is an interactive product and that there is not a safety indicator.  For power chewing please use our Rings.​  

The GoughNuts "Your Spot" mat - This GoughNuts mat is designed for your dog to have their spot to rest. This GoughNuts engineered design is for indoor use or any place out of the sun. This mat is made from our GoughNut tough rubber that as you know is durable and easy to clean. This mat is 36 inches square and weigh approximately 15#'s. Please email us at if you have any questions. Give your dog a comfortable place to rest in your home that is his/hers. Thank you! GoughNuts! 

GoughNuts Wellness Program

A Safe Chew Toy for your Dog!

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